It is important to know how you will be paying the licensor for use of the content. Will the licenser be paid per use of content, four times the content is accessed, based upon the number of sites from which the content is available, or based on a set fee for a specified period of time with unlimited access during that time? There are no standards for method of payment- it depends on what works for the parties involved.

And determining the appropriate fee both content owners and libraries must be able to determine the value of the electronic content being licensed. If you and are unable to accurately determine the value of the content license, let the content owner know, and you may be able to arrange an interim deal to help you determine this value.

In addition libraries must consider their budget for any product and how flexible this budget may be. In many situations, licenses allow for flexibility in terms and conditions, and such terms and conditions are balanced against payment for using that content.

When you do you agree upon a fee, it is in a library’s best interest to ensure that it is inclusive and includes all services relating to accessing the electronic products under the license, as well as all applicable taxes, so that there are no hidden costs a later stage.

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