Authorized site

Authorized site

Is important to specify from where the authorized users may access the content. Generally this relates to two places, on-site and remotely. On site access maybe easier to control, and content owners may be better able to ensure some degree of compliance with the license agreement. However, libraries often require remote access, depending on how patrons access or use their facilities and network. For instance if you provide proxy server access to authorize users, this access will be available from anywhere in the world. If this applies to your patrons, ensure that your license addresses this fact. If the users of license content need to access the content at home or from their offices, this should be expressly permitted in the license.

In addition, your license may need to set out whether access will be permitted from a single computer, or from a network with the specified number of simultaneous/ concurrent users, or perhaps an unlimited number of users.

You will need to be specific in the license about who authorized users are and what site access is authorized. Do not assume that unnamed users or sites are included under the license.

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